How to prepare for an underwater photoshoot

I’m a professional underwater photographer based in Jacksonville Florida and  I often have clients that ask me how to prepare for an underwater photoshoot because it’s their first time. So I decided to give a few tips to new underwater models that want to try this amazing experience.

  • Prepare your poses. Get inspired by photos you see on the web and practice. If you can’t practice them underwater (under the supervision of a lifeguard/safety diver) you can just practice in front of the mirror or on the couch. Muscle memory is real. Watch, copy and repeat. Just make sure the poses you decide to perform are safe for you and suited to your abilities. If in doubt always ask and train with an expert! Safety first.

  • Decide your outfits. Choosing the right outfit is as important as preparing the poses. Make sure you pick an outfit that you can manage underwater and most of all, that is safe! Some materials can become really heavy when wet or wrap around your legs or arms and become a hazard. If it’s your first underwater photoshoot chose something simple (like a bathing suit or a bodysuit) and in case you want to add more, choose something easy to manage for you like a short skirt or a skirt open in the font (always testing it first with a safety diver present).

  • Fill up your energy tank. Being in the water can be physically draining so you need calories to burn. A heavy meal before an underwater photoshoot is not recommended but make sure you have light snacks and drinks to keep yourself focused and hydrated (ex: juices, protein bars, fruits, chocolate, dry nuts, etc.). 

  • Lotions and oils are a big no. Body and hair products can compromise the clarity of the water (most of all if you are shooting in a pool) so it’s better to avoid them and in case rinse before getting in the water.

  • Avoid burning eyes. Staying in the water for a long time (pool water, fresh water or saltwater) can cause eyes irritation, redness and blurred vision. I highly recommend to use eye drops BEFORE and AFTER the photoshoot to reduce and avoid irritated eyes.

I hope you found it helpful and if you have further questions don't hesitate to contact me at

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