5 reasons to do a maternity photoshoot underwater

I’m a professional underwater photographer based in Jacksonville Florida and I think that underwater maternity photoshoots are such a magical and unique experience. 

Some future moms might be a bit intimidated by the idea but it is safe and fun. I always work in the comfort zone of my client and I’m always there to guide her through this incredible experience.

Here are 5 reasons to do a maternity photoshoot underwater :

1. Underwater maternity photos are undeniably unique and outstanding. Why having the same photos as anyone else? Stand out and let's create an extraordinary work of art!

2. A maternity underwater photoshoot is a beautiful experience, you and your baby will be floating together (you in the water and him/her in your belly). Even if your baby won’t remember it, you definitely will and you will have beautiful photos of you together as a reminder of that special moment.

3. You will have wall art and or/a heirloom album that are true masterpieces. Their quality is made to last from generation to generation.

4. No limits to your imagination. Being underwater open to limitless possibilities to create the unexpected: weightless poses, floating dresses, hair and props. We can create images that is not possible to create on land.

5. Underwater images are so intimate and you will be amazed by how effortless your body moves underwater creating a sense of peace and relaxation that allows you to create a deep connection with your body and the baby inside of you. 

If you want to book your underwater maternity photoshoot in my pool studio in Jacksonville, FL or in one of  the surrounding beautiful Florida springs contact me. I’m also available to travel to other destinations. Write me at info@annaaitaphotography.com

underwater maternity photoshoot florida
underwater maternity photoshoot florida
underwater maternity photoshoot florida
underwater maternity photoshoot florida

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